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Petty Trader Inspo Print

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The term 'Petty Trader' is a recognised occupation in Nigeria and many African countries. It refers to people who own small shops and sell groceries and household items. A lot of these small shops can be as simple as a bamboo table, chair and an umbrella - the Petty trader's wares could be small food items cultivated in the backyard garden or pap (a breakfast cereal made from fresh corn) or any other item you can think of. Many small scale traders would set up store beside their homes if council allows, purchase a spot in the local market (which runs everyday except Sundays) or build a large lockable caravan type corner store. 

These shops would support their family and extended families back in the country.

This is a print of my handmade original artwork. I made the artwork with watercolour and ink on 300gsm paper.

This stunning print is intended to inspire - add a message behind and inspire a friend; stick it to your print, pin it to your mood-board or frame it - The options are limitless!

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