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Taking the day off from any expectations

I’m my harshest critic and my most merciless slave driver. I know I’m doing a good job but maybe it’s the solo parent’s resident thorn in the flesh – I can only see all I’m not doing well, my failings, how I might be f***ing my kids life and future up. So to control everything, I don’t let myself stop working and when I do I get restless! I’m working on it.

Today I’m giving myself a day off and allowing my mind to rest. Slave driver and inner critic take a day off and hopefully never come back. Today I have permission to rest and have no expectations of myself. There’s always going to be work to do but today is going begin with Yoga, meditation, devotions, tea, progress to coffee & pancakes, then magazines, romance novels and then BBQ with friends. I might fit in a leisurely walk. That’s all. I do need to put out the laundered school uniforms to dry. Hang on my kids can do that for themselves. Happy sigh. I hope you get a chance to rest today. 💋

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I am an artist, writer & lover of breakfasts. I think breakfasts are better in bed! I seek out beauty in the mundane and enjoy a nice inspiring chat over a lactose free, hazelnut cappucinno. My favourite things include all visual & performing art, music (especially jazz, classical, folk and vintage), museums, artisan cafes, markets and culture.

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